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Caterina Diamond Center Necklace

Caterina Diamond Center Necklace

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METAL18Karat Gold
DIMENSIONS: 20mm (1peso coin)
COLOR: Yellowgold | Whitegold | Rosegold
LENGHT: 16 inches | 18 Inches | 20 inches | 22 inches 
STONES A: 73pcs 0.005ct, 2pcs 0.03ct, 2pcs 0.05ct, 2pcs 0.07ct, 2pcs 0.10ct, and 1pcs 0.15ct Natural Diamonds
STONES B: 56pcs 0.005ct and 7pcs 0.05ct Natural Diamonds
STONES C: 44pcs 0.005ct, 2pcs 0.10ct and 1pcs 0.15ct Natural Diamonds
STONES D: 80pcs 0.005ct and 5pcs 0.10ct Natural Diamonds

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